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Down The Rabbit Hole

Where one thing really does lead to another.

As you probably know, I love the ‘extras’ on the DVDs. I love to learn more about the behind scenes work that is part and parcel to any film or TV show. I also love digging about on where I can learn more about a performer which often leads to delving into shows, films, etc.

I rarely know what I will find when I start nosing away. Lots of ‘I didn’t know that’ moments appear out of nowhere. For example, I grew up with Bob Hope and Jack Benny (to name but a few) on my TV. I had no idea they had long careers in radio and film. The impact Lucille Ball had on television is astounding – and that is beside her iconic I Love Lucy show.

I love ‘discovering’ a performer. Sometimes what I think I know is not nearly the whole story. Some careers are mind boggling. Others are eye opening.

As for those extras on the DVD package, they can be fun, informative, interesting and a nice addition to the main event. You never know until you dive in.

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