Around the House

Go With The Flow

Or Learn to Adapt

I caught a bit of Mornings With Granny the other day and while I did not sit through the entire video, her point was pretty clear: Learn to adapt.

It has been clear for a while now that many folks seem to be terrified / paralyzed at the thought that they would have to use their own initiative to complete a task or a recipe if they did not have exactly what was required by the instructions. How can you be ‘Perfect’ if you went off script?

Here’s a thought: Everything we are told to do via instructions or recipe came about because someone went off script.

You might want to read that again.

That recipe you love came about because someone somewhere did not have all ingredients called for or forgot to change the oven temperature or … … …

That process you are trying came about because the original instructions did not work for someone for whatever reason, so they changed the way they did it and look what happened.

Adaptability is one of those things that can make your life easier with a lot less stress.

Do you have allergies to certain foods? Leave them out. Try substituting foods you do like. Do you not like certain colors or patterns? Don’t use them. Instead, use what you like. Worried about what others will think if you do? Realize that many of them are looking to find ways (or excuses) to not be caught up in doing exactly what others are doing, too.

While you might be thinking that following the crowd is the best way even though you really are not happy with the results, here is your permission – should you need it – to do what you really want to do.

Who knows? You might be the next trend setter!