Annie & I have quite a few folks we follow, either as authors, YouTubers or regular bloggers.


Here are some of the folks we follow on YouTube.  The bold text can be used to search for their channels.

Justin Scarred produces videos that relate to Disney, History, Mark Twain, among others. 

Magic Journeys focuses their videos on foods found primarily in Disney parks, but their adventures has led to other locations.

Maymay Made It is a crafter who loves to teach.  Maymay, along with her trusty side kick Vinnie, produces at least two videos a week with different crafting projects.  There is also a Crafter After Show.

Vinnie’s Vittles is the channel for Maymay’s trusty side kick.  Vinnie loves to cook southern comfort food.

Entertaining With Beth focuses on quick, easy and wonderful food for a variety of social events.  She also provides menus and ideas for regular meals.

The Domestic Geek provides ideas and inspiration for quick, easy and healthy meals. 

Oh Yum with Anna Olson is a treat for bakers, cooks and people who love to eat.  Anna is an excellent teacher who provides some great recipes and ideas.  Check out her long form shows to get the full effect of her range.

Hermione Chantal has put together a great channel of DIY home decorating on a budget videos.  I found her when she purchased her first home (In England) and began a series of videos on the renovation of an English Victorian Home. 

PootlesPapercraft is a fabulous channel from one of the UK’s Stampin’ Up demonstrators.  She focuses on creating boxes and packaging on her videos, but you can find more card related projects on her blog.  She also creates some amazing holiday advent ideas.

Bloggers is a community site begun by Mayim Bialik.  Groknation focuses on a variety of topics that include Culture, Home, Style, Health, Soul and Relating.  Mayim also has a YouTube channel that you might find interesting.