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It’s Reset Time Again

For those with kids in school, you already know about starting fresh. For the rest of us…

What is Reset Time?

Reset Time is when you do small tasks around the house to get ready for the next few months.

I recently cleared my YouTube Search and Watch Histories and made sure to rest my Roku box to be sure the latest software had been loaded.

Once the YouTube histories are cleared, I go back and research my favorites so the new videos will show on the screen when I log on.

If you are like me, and you find yourself searching for something a bit out of the ordinary, those searches bring a lot of other content up that you might not want on a regular basis. The reset and research will help clear that.

When the weather settles down (right now we are having a rainy spell), I’ll reset all my channels on my TV, too. Doing that, however, also requires that I reset my Watch Schedule app on the TV.

Speaking of TV schedules, I recently downloaded the latest TV Line Fall TV Premier Calendar and updated my media calendar. I also like to set my scheduling app to automatically go to those channels so I don’t miss something by being a bit…distracted. 😉

You Have a Media Calendar?

Yep. There was a time when I could keep my watch schedule in my head. We won’t go into how long ago that was.

I set up a separate calendar where I track the TV shows I follow, the movies I want to see and any books that will be released during the year. The TV shows all include the network they are on so I don’t have to dig. It has been years since I subscribed to any type of guide, so this works for me.

With different season starts for various platforms and networks, it just made sense for me to have a one stop spot to keep track of what I really wanted to see. The rest <shrug> I can add if/when I want.

This collection of small chores can take a few minutes, but the end results will help you keep track of things that matter and disregard those that don’t. They also help you keep your electronic tools up to date.

Happy Reset Time!