Around the House

Reset Part 2

Before I forget, yesterday’s discussion about resetting should have included a reminder to do a little computer housekeeping.

Now, before you shake your head and walk away, give me a minute.

There are only two things I want you to consider putting some time on your calendar to tackle.

One: Your Favorites Folder

If you are like me, your Favorites folder has a collection of bookmarks of articles and websites you noted to come back to. If you are even more like me, you might have bookmarked some of them more than once.

A few minutes a day, or week depending, could allow you time to delete the ones you no longer want or need and organize the rest.

Two: Your RSS Feed

If you use a tool like Feedly to get daily feeds from various websites, take a few minutes to see if you’ve marked articles to read <cough> “later”.

Later is the catch all for somewhere down the road…maybe I’ll get a few minutes to…

I spent about 30 minutes the other day just deleting the articles in my feed I no longer wanted to keep.

Guess what? The app loads faster now.

Book some time for some computer clean up and see what happens. 🙂