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I Love This Project!

When DIY Danie on YouTube announced her plans to update her back garden, I was stoked. She put together some amazing projects which included updating her gate and fence, clearing space for a garden shed and work on entertainment areas.

If you have not been keeping up, episode 1 of the creation of the garden shed aired last Saturday and episode 2 is due to release this coming Saturday.

You don’t want to miss this!

If you are contemplating some DIY projects for your own backyard, this is a great collection of ideas and a guide to how Danie plans out the projects and the budget.

If you are an armchair cheering squad, like me, this is a great opportunity to see some imaginative creativity along with some occasionally silly humor and a great dog.

Not sure how to find her? Go to YouTube, type ‘DIY Danie” in the search box. When you click on her channel, don’t forget to check out her website for her other media options and, if you like what you see, click the subscribe button.

Why check her channel out? There are lots and lots of great projects that cover a wide variety of ideas. If you are a beginner or experienced DIYer, Danie has you covered.


The starting point for the project.

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