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It’s That Time Again!

The catalogs have started to arrive.

Yes, they’re here! From the foodie drool-fest catalogs to the I-don’t-have-a-clue-but-this-covers-pretty-much-everything catalogs. And a few in between for good measure.

For me, Holiday Gift Giving is more a focus on treats or treasures rather than the day-to-day (i.e.: socks and underwear) kind of thing. Put it down to too many gifts that were more of a necessity nature rather than indulging in hobbies or adventures. Yes, I understand the reasons why, but … <shrug>

My particular problem is that those I gift to are too far away for my preferred methodology; make and deliver.

You see, I like to feed people. And, yes, it is less expensive to make it myself. (Have you seen the prices some catalogs charge?????!) Now, to be fair, I do understand the reason for the cost, especially having priced ingredients myself, and we already know I’m cheap labor.

All that being said, I like to find places to purchase quality items at a reasonable price and expect my recipients to enjoy the results, even if I haven’t made them myself.

This year I’ve found a couple of items that I use myself and I think will be quite useful for the recipients. I’m considering requesting them to be shipped early in December, too. We already know that the US Post Office is intending to slow down delivery to accommodate the high traffic gift/card giving season. (I’m sure there is sense somewhere…I just can’t see it myself yet…) Other delivery services will be just as overwhelmed as in years past, so it makes sense to get things started early.

Have you started creating your strategies for holiday gifting? Sending you High Fives, Good Luck, and lots of encouragement. January is coming. Really!

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