Pantry Forage

Or, I didn’t realize I still had that!

I’ve been consciously and deliberately working to use up items in my fridge and freezer that have been there, shall we say, longer than they should have been?

No, not excessively, just long enough they should be used up.

I have a couple of bags of frozen veg that could become part of a soup or casserole. There’s some garlic and ginger that could possibly find their way to the bin because, well, you know. 😉

On the other hand, I uncovered some really great jam that had been tucked behind the mustard. It would be great on biscuits or muffins. Or maybe melted and poured over waffles or pancakes.

There’s the jar of bullion that is really, really salty. It is still there because it is really, really salty, too. Do we need to guess where it will end up?

There’s the tub of mustard sauce that I love to put on all sorts of things. Or, I did, but somehow it got relegated to the back of the fridge and really should be tossed. It’s been there that long. 🙁 Thankfully, the sauce is easy to make and I always have the components, yep you guessed it, in the fridge.

Part of the adventure of foraging through the pantry (which is fridge, freezer, and cabinets) is finding things that once were most used items and might not be now. Another part is discovering things forgotten that are still usable.

There are spots in our kitchens we visit regularly – like every day. Then there are the spots that don’t get as much attention.

Sometimes you find things you set aside for special occasions only to realize that you forgot you had them on hand when the last special occasion occurred. Why not make your next meal a special occasion and use them?

I wonder what else I will discover?

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