How To Follow A Recipe

Or those things you never really paid attention to until now…

I have often said how much I appreciate Lan Lam’s series for Cook’s Illustrated on YouTube. This is one installment is one more reason to check out the entire series.

It really is the little things that can trip you up!

No matter how experienced you are (or are not) in the kitchen, one of the quickest ways to have a disaster is to not fully read the recipe.

We are all guilty of it.

As you contemplate the upcoming holiday meals, it is imperative that you take the time to go over your menu and read the recipes completely. This will help you create shopping lists, develop your meal plan and create your game plan for The Day. Or days, depending.

Oh, but I don’t have time!

If you think you don’t have time now, what do you expect when the stores are closed or out of stock? And don’t overlook the possibility of items being out of stock or way over priced as the days get shorter.

Save your sanity. Lower your stress level. Allow yourself to ease into a calmer holiday meal.

Good luck!

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