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Easing Into The Funnies

Or, a quiet time during the day

The daily newspaper contains a lot of things but the biggest draw for me is the comics section. Granted there are a few papers who have given up on this old standard, but the one I enjoy has kept its’ comics section going strong.

I haven’t taken the time to count the number of entries there, but I can usually find a wide variety of offerings that cover a lot of topics.

The thing about comic strips is that you can usually find something to please pretty much every mood. Some are very cute, others on point, and even a few make you stop and laugh – the best ones make you laugh out loud unexpectedly.

Personally, I prefer to browse my favorites, groan about the one or two where the kids have yet to plug in their brains, ponder the messages in others, and think back to when the oldies were actually new. And, yes, I remember when those particular rerun strips were first run. It is almost like watching MeTV at times…

My favorite thing about the comics is their ability to bring life to the reader in ways that capture imagination and interest where there might not have been any before. Sort of like taking a walk around the neighborhood and being able to peek inside the houses at the people inside.

When I want a bigger hit of the good stuff, I head over to and do a deep dive. Pure bliss!

Yes the daily newspapers have lots of information but I think their best offering is in the comics section. It is where connections are made.

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