Around the House

Odds And Ends

I spent March down with Shingles which provided an opportunity to change the way I did some things and create chaos with the way I want to create things. <shrug> 🙂 April has turned out to be an opportunity to ease back into a ‘normal’ work process here at the Mulebarn. Bear with me – it hasn’t been easy.

Have You Seen?

I don’t know about you but I’ve been struggling to keep some sense of order with my viewing habits. Some shows have had short seasons, constantly interrupted by specials, repeats or whatevers. Other shows have had episode drops that allow a binge to occur – even when I’d rather not. I have a long list (!!!) of things I think I might actually want to watch, but… never quite find the interest, time, or gumption to actually sit down and do it.

Sound familiar? What do you do?

By the way, for those of you who love documentaries and the BBC, check this out: BBC Select. I will be investigating to see if I will be picking it up. Note that YouTube does have at least one episode available.

Have You Heard?

I’m still listening to Pumpkin FM, but I recently went back to TuneIn radio and dove into a few Old Time Radio stations there. Like Bygolly OTR and Radio Once More. I occasionally think I would like to try regular radio, but frankly, the local signal interference can be annoying and I really don’t want to deal with the hourly news broadcasts.

I did pick up a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories on audio read by Derek Jacobi and, to be honest, am hooked! He is an excellent reader, provides a wonderful experience with all the stories, and makes listening a pleasure. Even though I can probably recite them from memory at this point. 🙂 You can find this on

In the Meantime

I’ll be waiting to see when Spring actually arrives and the dreaded cold and rain moves on.

I have a product review that I’ll be posting soon. As long timers know, I don’t recommend things if I haven’t used them and feel good about them. This one is quite a find.

See you soon!

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