Rediscovering Aloe Vera

Or, how I found a fabulous collection of skin and hair care products.

When I was a kid, the next door neighbor lady had a wondrous garden full of beautiful flowers and interesting plants. One of those plants was an Aloe Vera plant that was carefully tended in its own pot. When I asked about it, I was told that should I get a burn or a cut, the gel from one of the fronds of the plant would help reduce any pain and help the wound heal. Turns out, it did!

I never forgot the lesson learned, but it was years before I had an opportunity to use the plant again.

A Little History (Mine)

For many years my skin was rather oily and decidedly not dry and my hair bordered on oily with lots of frizz should I be in a humid area. I learned that the <cough> lower cost products for hair and skin just didn’t work for me. I found a mid range brand of hair care that worked for me and a brand of skin care that was reliable, affordable and fit my style.

I should note, that I don’t use lots of ‘product’ on my hair or skin. I have never been one of those girls (!) who liked all the fuss and bother of hair styling; I prefer as little effort as possible. My blow-drier, for example, hasn’t been used in … years? As for makeup, let’s just say I used to go through periods where I enjoyed playing with it, but at the end of the day, so to speak, it was just so much stuff to be cleaned off my face. <shrug> 🙂

I do still find it fascinating, just not on me.

When I find a product that works for me, I stick with it. I’d been using the same shampoo/conditioner for years usually alternating formulas depending upon need and access. I prefer to find a 2 in 1 version (shampoo/conditioner in one bottle) but am open to using 2 different products if necessary. I’d used the same skin care for decades because the moisturizer was Fabulous.

So, why did I change if I loved them so much? Because, as is usual, both I and the products I was using changed.

Let’s Start With My Hair, Shall We?

Actually, everything actually began with my hair. I’ve not had a hair cut in over a year. This was partly because I wanted a change and partly because the world had a bit of a change. Anyway, thanks to a good cut (Thank you, Carol!) my hair retained good layers and was decent even though much longer than expected over time, but I started to notice that as I was brushing out my hair after my shampoo I was getting more tangles and a lot more left in the brush. I also noticed that my hair wasn’t growing as much as it had been. Hmmm

At the time, I was watching several YouTubers who were talking about a brand they used who also happened to sponsor them in a product review. I was interested and looked into the product. The price point stopped me in my tracks. Literally.

Now, I’m not cheap by any means but I was not prepared to pay what they were asking for just to try something that might, or might not, work for me. It didn’t matter that I could choose my own colors or fragrances or add stickers to the bottles, either.

I mentioned my conundrum to my friend, Kate, who had used similar (in some cases the same) products as I had for quite a few years.

As it happened we were in our yearly “what would you like for Christmas?” discussion. My friend asked me if I would be interested in trying something she was using and, if so, she’d send it along as my present that year. She also asked if she could send along some samples of other products to try. Turns out she loved the products so much, she became a consultant. Sure, why not?

Well, the box with my present and the samples of other goodies both arrived around the holidays and I was intrigued to discover that the main ingredient for all of the products was aloe vera.

Unexpected Results

I have to tell you I was surprised about the shampoo and condition right from the first try.

First, “Less is More” applies with both. You don’t need a lot to get clean, soft and shiny hair. The shampoo has no frothy detergents so if you are expecting lather you’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, you will get a clean scent and a thorough clean. The conditioner has the same scent and even the small pea sized amount massaged through your hair will do the job. And what a job it does!

Remember I mentioned that I had been having difficulty with tangling and hair loss? No more! My brush went through my still wet hair with no catches and no dragging. When my hair dried, there was no frizz, either.

The biggest surprise, however, came a few weeks later when I discovered that not only was my hair growing the color had cleared, too. Now I’ve not colored my hair in years, and really, the only reason I did was my natural color was dull and, to my mind, boring.

Let me tell you that my hair is no longer dull, no longer boring. It has a clarity and shine I’ve not seen since I was maybe four. As for the frizz, well, unless I happen to be in high humidity, it is gone. So, too, are the dry ends.

All of this using approximately a 1/2 teaspoon of shampoo and a 1/4 teaspoon amount of conditioner?!!!!!

Let’s Talk About Skin Care, Shall We?

I started out with oily skin that over the years has evolved to a moderate combination skin. I don’t use strong soaps or detergents on my face because they not only strip natural oils they can inflame the skin enough to have it over produce oils that lead to blemishes.

I also look for a moisturizer that does the job without being sticky, gloppy or sitting on my skin rather than working in the lower levels. (I wasn’t a skin care consultant for a few years for nothing…)

Because I liked the shampoo and conditioner so much, I ordered the free samples of the skin care collection. They arrived at the opportune moment because I developed a case of Shingles on the back of my head down to my shoulders with a few touching base on the side of my face.

I discovered that the aloe vera in the products really helped the blisters heal and soothed the inflammation as the healing process occurred. Between the aloe in the hair care and the aloe in the cleanser and moisturizer, I think I managed a better result than if I’d just used a lotion and my old shampoo/conditioner.

One of the samples Kate sent was the basic aloe gel which I used when the outbreak was in the early stages.

Now that the outbreak is almost completely gone, I do have some dark spots that are fading but no scarring.

What I also have is a good cleanser and a moisturizer that is so concentrated they recommend you add a drop of water to it to loosen it up a bit.

Oh, and let me tell you about that Smooth n’ Firm Eye Repair Gel. O.M.G.!!!!!

I’ve never used anything like that before and the results were astounding! I occasionally have bags both under and over my eyes. A little dab (really!) of the gel cleared that up almost immediately. I literally could not believe my eyes.

So, now what?

Well, for me, I’m looking to check out the body care. I know I will be buying more shampoo & conditioner and they have a collection that includes hand and body wash and lotion along with a body butter that Kate said was marvelous.

Why am I telling you about this? Simple. I believe in sharing knowledge about good products. I don’t recommend things I’ve not tried. If you are looking to try something that might work for you, go over to L’BRI PURE N’ NATURAL and see what they have to offer.

But, don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

Remember I said that Kate liked the products so much she became a consultant for them? The link I’ve shared is to her site. Please go over and check it out and, should you have any questions, you can reach out to her directly.

To clarify, I am not being sponsored for this review by either L’BRI or Kate, this post is my experience with the products.

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