Out And About Adventures

For those of you who, like me, enjoy traveling, be it in an actual vehicle or sitting in the arm chair watching the TV, The Closet Historian’s 2021 Adventure should not be missed.

You can find Bianca Esposito’s four part video vlog by going over to YouTube, typing “The Closet Historian” in the search box and looking for her Field Notes playlist.

Clocking in at a bit under 2 weeks, her vacation trip covers a wide variety of country, including national parks and other stops, in addition to a bit of emotional roller coaster. Life does that to you, right? Even on vacation.

The videos themselves are around three hours all together or you could watch each of the four individually.

If you aren’t familiar with The Closet Historian, she is a member of the YouTube costuming community who shares a love of vintage fashion and sewing. She makes a lot of her own wardrobe when she hasn’t sourced some vintage items. She likes to share her collections (jewelry, hats, bags) along with an interesting collection of lookbooks.

I enjoy her sense of humor and find her processes for creating quite interesting. On top of this, she creates beautiful videos. Can’t beat that, right?


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