Updating the Idea Book

I’ve been spending some time updating my Idea Book. After a few months contemplating and planning a DIY divider process, I came across a collection of numbered dividers that apparently were purchased during a run to a local second hand shop.

My process changed to:

  • Boot up the word processor
  • Clear out the binder and sort through the collection of card recipes
  • Type the names of the cards into the index sheet then print
  • Return to the binder with the index sheet and the dividers in place.

I discovered that some of my Ideas were duplicates and some were just not on my want to make list.

Make Your Own Idea Book

You might have what you need on hand.

  • One 3-ring binder (I have one for quilting and another for card making)
  • Dividers
  • A collection of materials you want to add to your book

You can organize in whatever fashion makes sense to you. I have some sorted by month because the materials are available on a monthly basis, and some by the type of card.

You can use your Idea Book in a variety of ways:

  • to collect recipes, make meal plans, track pantry items.
  • gather ideas for a household project
  • make a Holiday Planner

Now that my Idea Book is cleaned out and better organized, I have a clear idea of what cards I want to make.

What will you use your Idea Book for?

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